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Blockchain topped LinkedIn’s list ‎ as the ‎ #1 most in-demand ‎ hard skill for 2020.

 As companies explore how to take advantage of this technology, they have a huge need to build this skillset, as it is extremely difficult to hire for. It beats cloud computing and AI. This is how it goes down:


There's a Shortage of Blockchain Developers according to a study done by Indeed

This means web developers will need to learn blockchain development.


Web Developers will transition to Blockchain Development

The industry has not created tools or documentation that are geared toward or helpful for web-based developers.


No time to start from scratch

To get started building and save time reading documentation, they will use tools that provide scaffolding so they can get up and running quickly.

Take Charge of the Care You Receive

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Use Cases

Mix and match Hashing Systems products to solve common development challenges.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

A website wallet will allow you to reach the widest audience with minimum friction.

File Storage

Build a completely encrypted file sharing platform. It’s the foundation of next-generation platforms.

Tokenized Exchanges

Build financial applications with just a few lines of code. 

Token Games

Build your own game by putting the rules on a decentralized platform.

Supply Chain

Create a flexible supply chain management platform

IoT Management

Control devices via decentralized networks and reduce costs by 80% vs cloud management portals.