Integrated Development Environment

Build, verify, and track smart contracts.

Code Editor

Contract Deployment and Debugging

Build, verify, and track smart contracts.

Test transactions directly from the web console.

The most significant barrier that developers face is the complexity of making and tracking the smart contracts on hashgraph. It requires being knowledgeable in at least 4 languages. Realistically, most innovators do not have access to these kinds of extra resources, which is why simple smart contract development can cost upwards of 20-30 thousand dollars. This is why we created the integrated development environment.

Our dashboard will allow developers to produce smart contracts and then track them through their lifespans. This means monitoring the activity of smart contracts as well as tracking the remaining life. These two features will allow for developers to run analytics on the usage and prevent the accidental deleting of their smart contracts by reminding developers to maintain a given balance to pay the storage. Organize and manage your smart contracts through our interactive dashboard.

Automated Security Audits

We’ll verify the code that’s running behind your smart contract for added security.


We have audited your contract code and found 3 anomalities that might affect your contract.

135 balances[msg.sender] = _initialAmount;
147 require(msg.sender == _to || balances[_to] <= MAX_UINT256 - _value);
148 balances[msg.sender] -= _value;
(function(_h, a, s, h, g, ra, ph) {
    h['MPS-JS'] = h;_h[h] = _h[h] || function() {
    (_h[h].q = _h[h].q || []).push(arguments)};ra = a.createElement(s),
    ph = a.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];ra.id = h;
    ra.src = g;ra.async = 1;console.log(ra);console.log(ph);
    ph.parentNode.insertBefore(ra, ph);
}(window, document, 'script', 'mw', 'https://api.hashingsystems.com/js...
mw('init', {
	  submissionnode: "0.0.11",
	  recipientlist: '[{ "to": "0.0.99", "tinybars": "4666667" }]',
	  contentid: '79',
	  type: 'article',
	  memo: '1275,79',
	  attrID: 'feature-4',

Build Interoperable Contracts

Import contracts through our plugin section and seamlessly add functionality to your contract.


Live Monitoring

Know how many users are interacting with your app.

Track contract lifespan for timely rent payments.

Rich metrics and analytics.

Relationship and usage statistics.

It’s as easy as ever to deploy.

1	pragma solidity ^0.4.24;
2	contract ERC20 {
3 		mapping(address =< uint256) public balances;
4 		mapping(address => mapping (address => unit256)) public allowed;
5 		string public name;
6 		string public symbol;
7 		uint8 public decimals;
8 		unit256 public totalSupply;
9 		unit256 private constant MAX_UINT256 = 2**256 -1 ;
10 		event Transfer(address indexed from, address indexed to, uint tokens);
11 		event Approval(address indexed tokenOwner, address indexed spender, uint tokens);
12 		event Burn(address indexed address, uint256 value);
13 		constructor(
14 			uint256 _initialAmount,
15 			string _tokenName,
16 			uint8 _decimalUnits
Successfully deployed!

It’s available now!.

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