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Partners building with us Groundbreaking startups are already using Hashing Systems tools for rapid development of decentralized apps.


Signed transaction processing. Seamlessly connect to Hedera Hashgraph through a JavaScript library compatible with any HTML/CSS project.

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Our suite of tools provides the building blocks to manage, connect to contracts, and track users without breaking a sweat.

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Hash Name Service

Identify using human readable names. HNS is the protocol that turns account ids, smart contract addresses, and file hashes into verifiable and easy to remember identities.

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Product Roadmap

In order to create a best-in-class development environment we must look into all facets of the programming process. We maintain open source solutions, software to as a service, and consulting services.

Phase I - Workspaces

With APIs and serviced solutions, we facilitate the future and growth of dApps on the feature-rich network.

Phase II - HNS

As a good initiator for developers joining Hedera, Hashgraph introduces the HNS domain name registry. Where namespaces can be bought and managed to provide ease-of-use between contracts.

Phase III - Continued Success

Become the first point of call for new and existing developers that are active on Hedera - whilst growing in tandem with the network itself.

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